Our Philosophy and Mission

At MHCS, we have a passionate commitment to responsive, personal service, and this is reflected in everything we do.

Our Vision

Our dynamic, collaborative, and inclusive firm empowers our people with tailored career pathways and clear opportunities for professional and personal growth. We communicate transparently, acting as one firm, and our people exhibit true ownership and accountability in their roles. We value operational excellence and invest in technology, people, and process to achieve it. We are valued across Iowa for expertise in our niche and specialty areas. Our partnerships with our clients and our network allow us to serve as hands-on advisors and connectors, helping our clients solve challenges and capitalize on opportunities. As a firm we are innovative, change-ready and forward-looking.

Our Values

MHCS conducts business in a manner consistent with the following values. We use these values to guide us in making day-to-day decisions on how to best carry out our mission. We seek to attract clients and team members who share these values.


We are committed to the highest professional standards of ethics and integrity. We strive for an environment in which our clients and team members can trust and depend on our relationship.


We are dedicated to attaining the highest levels of knowledge and skill to enable our team members to exceed our clients' expectations. Our quest for excellence embraces creativity, change, innovation, and teamwork to achieve continuous improvement.


We care about our clients and team members. We provide an environment open to the free exchange of ideas where individual participation in decisions and diversity of opinion is respected.


We foster a culture which values each team member, their knowledge, and their experiences. Teamwork allows us to leverage our ideas and abilities to achieve common goals and deliver superior service to our clients.


We support balance between our team members' professional and personal lives. Our team members are our most valued asset and we are devoted to their continuous learning, growth and development.


We believe our team members do their best work in a fun and energized environment. We take time to enjoy life and celebrate our accomplishments.

Quality Assurance

We take pride in our work. To ensure we meet the highest of quality standards, we participate in a “Peer Review” control system conducted by independent CPAs, whose charge is to review our compliance with quality control standards and generally accepted accounting and auditing standards. MHCS has participated in this program since 1985 and each time received a rating of "pass" -- the highest level of opinion rendered.

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