Client Center

Day In The Life

Jenny Beeler

- Staff Accountant

“I enjoy working at MHC&S because I appreciate the level of professionalism and working with all my coworkers. We have a positive and motivating work environment!”

8:00 am – Arrive to work, review calendar and emails to prepare for the day.

9:00 am – Work with supervisors and managers to prepare tax returns for businesses and individuals. They’re always so helpful whenever I have a question.

10:30 am – Meet with a tax partner to discuss a proposal for an engineering firm. It’s exciting to be a part of the business development here at MHC&S.

12:00 pm – Grab lunch with teammates for MHC&S’ annual Minute to Win It Tournament – time to strategize!

1:00 pm – Attend a MHC&S QuickBooks Training Course and review the materials to better understand client needs. It’s also a great opportunity to spend time with some of our clients.

4:30 pm – Join other firm members at a West Des Moines Chamber New View networking event.

Max Miller

- Senior Accountant

“I enjoy the opportunity to help our clients. The people I work with and the flexible schedule make MHC&S a very enjoyable place to work.”

8:00 am - Attend the monthly Marketing Sharing/Pipeline Meeting.  Discuss next strategic marketing step for my prospects.

9:00 am - Invited by our Managing Partner to sit in on a new client meeting as we expand our real estate niche market.  Very interesting.

10:30 am - Return phone call to a client to discuss IRS auditor findings from a tax examination.

11:00 am - Attend the MHC&S Social Committee meeting to discuss plans for this year’s “After Tax and Audit Season” party.

12:00 pm - Volunteer with Everybody Wins Iowa program – a weekly reading program at area grade schools.

1:30 pm - Finish tax return for one of our renewable fuel clients.

2:15 pm - Meet with a partner, manager, and another team member to brainstorm and discuss a Client Service Plan for one of our health care clients.  These meetings are to determine how we can help our clients be more successful  and profitable.  And are at no charge to our client.

4:00 pm - Head out to the West Des Moines Chamber’s New View networking reception. This young professionals group meets monthly, and I enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new. 

Mike Jensen

- Supervisor

“MHC&S allows you to thrive both professionally and personally. Employees are hard-working, and the office environment is friendly and positive. Firm events build coworker relationships, and we enjoy a work/life balance that other firms try to obtain, but are unable.”

7:30 – Arrive to work, check new emails, and prepare for the day’s meetings.

9:00 – Attend Wealth Advisors of Iowa Planning Committee meeting with firm members from several departments to get our new retirement program up and running.

10:30 – Review tax returns and work with team members on out-of-state tax laws for a multi-state business client.

12:00 – Head to lunch with the Partner Group to celebrate recent firm promotions!

1:00 – Reach out to potential new clients and invite a couple of them to lunch next week to discuss what MHC&S can do for them. Our number one priority is helping!

2:30 – Visit current clients to answer questions they have about taxes, accounting controls, and their accounting software.

4:30 – Finish up the day’s emails and return phone calls.

5:30 – Head home for a good dinner and good night’s sleep to prepare for a kickball tournament that MHC&S is playing in the next morning!

Ashley Sly

- Supervisor

“It is gratifying to see how appreciative clients are when we help them achieve their goals and expand their businesses by providing tax and financial planning strategies.”

7:45 am - Arrive at work. Review e-mails and prioritize projects for the day.

9:00 am - Business meeting with other community leaders to plan and organize events/speakers for “Elevate.”  This is a new organization sponsored by the West Des Moines Chamber, which provides educational and resource opportunities for women from all walks of life.

10:30 am - Consult with a client on questions regarding tax deductions/credits.

12:00 pm - Attend New View luncheon.  Today the speaker is sharing information on the Solheim Cup – a professional ladies golf event schedule for Des Moines in 2017. It is very cool our city is hosting this event matching the best players from the United States against the best from Europe.

1:30 pm - Write an article on “Tangible Property Regulations” for the upcoming issue of our client newsletter.

3:00 pm – Prepare a multi-state consolidated C-corp return for a transportation client.

5:00 pm - Heading home.  Looking forward to spending time with my husband and new baby. 

Nick Finkenauer

- Manager

“MHC&S provides a fun and energetic atmosphere that promotes a strong work/life balance. I also receive excellent leadership and continuing education training that allow me to continue to develop as an accountant and a professional.”

7:00 am - Coffee meeting with a client to discuss the Affordable Care Act and the new employer reporting requirements.

8:30 am - Arrive at office.  Review calendar and prepare for the day.

9:00 am - Prepare weekly tax update for tax department members.

10:00 am - Provide guidance to a staff member working on client’s multi-state tax return.

12:00 pm - Attend an in-house “Lunch and Learn” on our new value-added service, Red Flag Reporting.   Our Lunch and Learns are not only informative, but the desserts provided are amazing!

1:00 pm - Consult with a client on questions they have regarding R&D tax credits.

2:00 pm - Tee-off time!  Play  golf in annual Grimes Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing with a fellow MHC&S team members and two referral sources from an area bank.

7:00 pm - Attend the West Des Moines Leadership Academy Morsel Combat event with my wife.  Expected attendance is 400 people.  Not only will the food be great, but so will the networking opportunities!  Plus all proceeds go to a great organization:  Meals from the Heartland

Jenny Smith

- Manager

“MHC&S has allowed me to have the perfect balance of professional and personal life. I have a challenging career where I get to help great clients, but then I’m also given the flexibility to spend quality time with my family whenever I want.”

8:00 am - Attend Audit Team meeting to discuss work assignments and projects.  Hoping there will be donuts!

9:00 am - Check emails and messages.  Do follow-up.

10:30 am - Attend my son’s spring concert program at his elementary school.  

11:30 am - Work on annual review for a non-profit client on location.

12:30 pm - Take a lunch break from the review and invite this client to join me for lunch.  This is a great way to show our client we appreciate their business and to strengthen and build our relationship.

1:30 pm - Continue work on the review.

4:00 pm - Attend the “Lead Like a Lady” monthly group meeting.  This organization is comprised of young woman business leaders.  Their mission is to connect women through support and development to become a community of empowered and engaged leaders.  I appreciate my firm encouraging and supporting my involvement with this group.

5:30 pm - Head home to have dinner with the family.  Hopefully something good is already cooking on the stove!   Also plan to bake cupcakes with my daughter tonight.  She will be taking some to school for her birthday tomorrow, and I will bring some for the Iowa Society of CPA’s “Month of Service” project helping homeless families in the Greater Des Moines area.  

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