For nearly 75 years, MHCS has been recognized as a leader for providing assurance, tax, and accounting expertise to the transportation industry.

With our experience, we provide clients unique expertise to the financial side of transportation by staying up to date with the financial issues, tax legislation, and trends that affect the industry. Our dedicated team of experts partner with small to large transportation businesses to guide them into a successful future with a wide variety of services to fit specific business needs. We have the industry skills and knowledge needed to keep your business moving forward. Our expertise includes:

What Our Clients Are Saying

“In today’s fast-paced environment, we have complete confidence in MHCS. They are professional, thought leaders, and steer us through all the twists and turns of business.”

Mark Crall, Vice President
Panama Transfer

"Our family has worked with MHCS for over forty years. MHCS has significant knowledge and expertise that has helped our family business grow and prosper over the course of time. We deem our relationship with MHCS as a true partnership and will continue to value their opinion and work product well into the future.”

Tim Annett, President & CEO

"In 1958 my grandfather, Harold Dickey, thought that starting a trucking company was a good idea; it was! In the same year, grandpa thought that having MHCS be our CPA firm was a good idea; and it was as well! Perhaps I should share a few sentences about the services that MCHS has provided or the financial guidance that they shared with us, however, I think our satisfaction with MCHS is best summarized in this way. Over 61 years, only 4 CPAs from MHCS have handled our account including Far Halliday, Jim Vroman, Larry Clark, and Dan Schwarz. It is within those relationships as to why we don’t view MHCS as a business partner, rather we think of them as an extension of our family."

Adrian Dickey, Manager
Dickey Transport