Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Conversations

Nestled in between the spooky excitement of Halloween and the ever-popular gift-giving (and receiving) Christmas holiday lies the holiday that provokes thought and reflection, Thanksgiving. Every year while we over indulged in creamy mashed potatoes, savory turkey, and about a million other delicious sides, it’s inevitable that the age-old Thanksgiving Day question is asked; “What are you thankful for this year?” If you’re anything like most of us, the typical response is “family and friends.” While we are (always!) thankful for our family and friends, Thanksgiving is such a meaningful time to reflect and truly be thankful – to know it, to say it, and to live it. This year, challenge yourself, your family and friends to spice up your Thanksgiving conversations. Here are some new thought-provoking questions that we gathered that could perhaps change the inevitable:

Whether you ask or answer all the questions above or just try a new one this year to spice up your conversations, remember the real reason people always ask, “What are you thankful for this year?” is to reflect on what’s happened in the past, share (and show) your appreciations, and prepare for the growth and change in the upcoming year.