Wild and Crazy Friday Night

By Kristina Spieker, CPA

What comes to mind when you hear someone say “wild and crazy Friday night”? My Friday nights usually consist of tunes bumping on a Bluetooth speaker, flashing lights, people dressed up and dancing, and lots of laughter. Wild, right? Well, those tunes streaming are often Disney songs, and those flashing lights are coming from the microphone stand my three-year-old daughter received for her most recent birthday this year. [Her Grandpa knew exactly what he was doing when he got her a toy with lights and sounds.] The Friday night dancing is typically from my 4-year-old super hero son and Disney’s Elsa princess dressed-up (singing into the flashing light microphone) daughter, my husband, and me. You’re picturing this, right? Combine all those factors and how could it not lead to a lot of laughter? Like many of you, our ‘day-job’ is important and we work with serious situations that involve setting up businesses or adjusting entity structures, tax savings plans, business deductions, understanding the laws and applying them (new and old) to each situation and many other challenging situations for thousands of individuals and businesses. These are intense and valuable to each party and to us – and for us, it is also important to add our vibe – our culture – to the mix!

As my ten-year anniversary in the industry is quickly approaching, I am reminded that we can’t take all of life too seriously. I have learned firsthand many times that life is too short and although important in certain settings, seriousness isn’t the only way to go through life. I think one big factor that has spurred this change in my life is starting a family and raising two sweet, stubborn, and (very) energetic young kiddos. Before having kids, I would see the words “Work-Life Balance” plastered everywhere. I never really understood that idea until I had my son and then fourteen short months later I had my daughter. Instead of work-life balance I liked to think of it more of work-life integration. Yes, my job is serious and often doesn’t include any dancing or singing (lucky for you), but it is also important to slow down, enjoy the moments, and welcome the laughter!

Whoever said we aren’t getting out of this place called life alive, said it best. Take a walk around the pond, smell the flowers, enjoy your break, dance it out with your kid, go for a run, sing out loud in your car, and do what makes you happy! Being a CPA makes me happy in so many ways and since it’s March, I feel it’s necessary to share that – “two things in life are certain: death and taxes.” As much as I want you to imagine yourself as Elsa from the super popular Disney movie, Frozen, on the top of an ice mountain whaling at the top of your lungs “LET IT GO” be sure you also take some time to get your tax documents in order and come see us!

Kristina Spieker, CPA | Manager