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John Schmidt, CPA
"If it is to be, it is up to me."
Years with the company:
Major Practice Areas:
Accounting and tax consulting for family owned and small businesses. Industry emphasis in non-profit membership associations, construction and health care.
What is it about accounting that drew your interest?
I have always enjoyed math and working with numbers. Counselors suggested a career in actuarial science or accounting. I was fortunate to get an internship with MHC&S as a junior in college to see what the accounting world was all about. After a few months of seeing the variety of projects that an accounting firm becomes involved in, I was hooked.
What has given you the greatest satisfaction on your job?
Developing lasting relationships with the individuals and business owners I have worked with over the years. The better we know our clients and their goals, the better we can be at providing proactive services.
Describe your most memorable MHC&S moment:
I’ve been involved in a lot of interesting projects and have enjoyed several successes over the years, but I would have to say that some of the more memorable moments have occurred at some of our social activities. A couple years ago, we brought a hypnotist to our annual Christmas celebration. His assistance in creating the “Butt Bongo Band” with several of our accounting staff is something I will never forget.
What words of wisdom would you offer aspiring accountants?
Public accounting has somewhat of a negative reputation for long hours with lots of repetitive work. The truth is that our profession is changing. MHC&S has been attempting to manage the challenge of work/life balance through flexible work schedules, and other employee focused benefit programs. Technology has taken over many of the mundane tasks that accountants used to have to perform. Hard work and commitment are necessary to be successful in whatever profession an individual may choose, but public accounting offers variety in work with tremendous potential for financial reward.
Describe your work style?
Hands on. I make it a point to be readily accessible by phone or email for the clients I work with. I am familiar with their circumstances so that most questions can be resolved with a prompt response.
What are your favorite interests and hobbies?
We live on an acreage south of Norwalk and I usually pasture a few calves during the summer. I escape from my professional world by fixing fence, cleaning up a fallen tree, or climbing on the tractor and mowing the pasture. I find it very relaxing to get out in the fresh air and sweat through some manual labor. I try to get some regular exercise by playing racquetball and volleyball in the winter, and tennis in the summer.
Describe yourself with one word:
Bachelor of Arts, Simpson College, Indianola, IA
American Institute of CPAs, Iowa Society of CPA’s, Norwalk Area Chamber of Commerce, Simpson College Business Advisory Council