Your financial success is our priority and our team of professional will assist you with developing a plan to achieve your business goals – short-term and long-term.

Business Valuations

At the end of the year, you may review your company’s profitability, liquidity, leverage, etc. to determine the company’s performance. While these measures are important, do they tell the whole story? Determining the true value of your company can give you a better picture of where your company stands. Business valuations can be done for many reasons: possible sale/purchase, change of ownership, buy/sell agreements, lending requirements, tax, estate planning and curiosity. No matter the reason, a business valuation requires an in-depth analysis of the company and its customers, management, industry and more. Our team, led by an accredited business valuator, can help.

Business Succession Planning

In life, unexpected events happen – disease, death, divorce, disaster - along with expected events of transitions and retirements. Sooner or later, every business transitions its ownership. But if you own a family business, succession isn't just a matter of deciding not to go into the office any more. In addition to determining if you have enough money to retire, the whole question of what happens to the business becomes paramount. Who's going to manage the business when you no longer work the business? How will ownership be transferred? Will your business even carry on or will you sell it?

Business succession planning seeks to manage these issues, setting up a smooth transition between you and the future owners of your business. With family businesses, succession planning can be especially complicated because of the relationships and emotions involved - and because most people are not that comfortable discussing topics such as aging, death, and their financial affairs. Perhaps this is why more than 70 percent of family-owned businesses do not survive the transition from founder to second generation. Allow MHCS to help you develop the right succession plan for you and your business to ensure a smooth transition from one generation to another.

Litigation Support

As our society has become more litigious over the years, the need to investigate in accounting has grown accordingly. Our team can provide you with an expert testimony and a reliable, objective opinion. Litigation support services include assistance with case studies, assistance with discovery, computation of financial losses, financial projections, expert witnesses, etc. Our professionals are ready to offer you a creditable testimony and assist your attorney or legal team in confirming the content of financial documentation and possible financial ramifications for you and your business.

Business Consulting

We work with clients on a wide variety of business matters from entity selection on the front end, to the winding down of operations at the back end and everything else in between.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"MHCS provides amazing customer service, and they truly make it their business to understand our specific needs. The continuing guidance they provide in a constantly changing financial regulation landscape has been a key in helping us grow & succeed as a company."

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"Steel Erectors of Iowa has been with McGowen Hurst Clark Smith since the beginning of our company in 2004. Not only were they key to our success, but they have offered sound, solid advice as our company has grown. I recommend MHCS to anyone looking for a solid CPA firm."


"We have been beyond pleased with the services offered for our personal taxes, business taxes, and a non-for-profit organization from MHCS. So pleased, that they are our first recommendation to family, friends, other business owners, and colleagues. We wholeheartedly trust that the team have our best interests in mind in maximizing our benefits within all tax guidelines - helping us navigate and explaining through everything. They make sure we know about tax changes and how they may affect us – they are PROACTIVE so we don’t have to be reactive. We think of MHCS as an extension of our financial planning team!"

Michelle Hanson, Realtor
RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts

“MHCS has earned my trust from the beginning with helping initially establish the S-Corp to multiple tax questions along the way! They have helped me analyze business options and continue to steer me in the right direction. I have complete confidence in their ability, professionalism, and expertise.”

Mollie Yazzie, President
Strategy Execution Alliance