MHCS believes that having a team of trusted professionals is important. This is why we work in tandem with our affiliate, Wealth Advisors of Iowa (WAI), to provide you with services that help you grow and maintain your wealth management goals.


It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. Our team has developed well-rounded retirement services for clients approaching the early stages of retirement planning. We know the importance of proper planning and understand that retirement goals and choices are never accomplished with a one-size-fits-all approach.

There are many complex factors that impact your Social Security strategy. Some of these factors include additional income during retirement, how long you expect to need Social Security benefits, your spouse’s claiming strategy, if applicable, and more. Our wealth management professionals can help you create a solid plan for your individual financial situation – and even walk you through the steps to apply for benefits.

WAI’s investment managers work closely with clients to understand their wealth accumulation goals and tailor clients’ individualized plans to match those goals. With over 50 years of combined experience, our advisors will work with you through the changes of life to ensure your investment strategy is always working to fit your needs.

Estate planning is a sensitive topic, but one that should be handled thoroughly. It encompasses more than just the distribution of your assets. An estate plan can help protect your estate, and your loved ones, from heavy taxation, freeing up assets for immediate financial needs and avoiding probate. Our team, in combination with your wealth management advisor and your estate attorney, can help you plan every piece of your estate to fit together cohesively.


There are many reasons for organizations to offer employer-sponsored retirement plans. Not only do they attract and retain quality employees, but they also provide tax benefits for owners. However, there are also many aspects to coordinate in properly operating plans so that you can optimize benefits. Our advisors at WAI are here to help you create a plan that benefits you and your employees.

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Advisory services offered through Wealth Advisors of Iowa, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser firm.